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My name is Rui Shi, or you may call me Claire.  One day a patient told me that my name sounded like a mushroom, Reishi Mushroom.  Reishi is one of the herbs which is highly recommeded for enhancing people's immune system, and was valuable and precious during the ancient time.  That is where my clinic name came from. 

I was born in a family of traditional Chinese medicine doctors in China, used to swallow the bitter herb dicoction and get acupuncture needles when I was young.  After I finally followed my mother's step and became an acupuncturist and herbalist in the States,   I realize how this job fits me and even benefit my whole family.  Having been trained in hospitals in China and working for years in California, I believe that I have the skill, desire and ability to provide my patients a route to attain greater health and vitality. 

My goal is to help people get well naturally and avoid unnecessary drugs and surgery.  I spend more time listening and talking to my patients than other doctors, so I can focus on the root of their ailments.  This helps me to address the patients' physical health and their metal health.  I also encourage patients to make positive lifestyle changes to attain better treatment results.  

Being a mother of two children, I deeply understand the resposibilites of a parent, and can communicate well with the young patients in order to obtain good responds. 

Miracle does happen, let us work together! 

Rui Shi   L. Ac

About - Reishi Acupuncture Clinic in San Gabriel California

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Rui Shi  L.Ac 
CA Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist
419 W. Las Tunas Dr.
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About - Reishi Acupuncture Clinic in San Gabriel California
Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being and not merely the absece of disease of infirmity.
- World Health Organization (WHO)