Lilli P.
Dr. Shi is a wonderful professional.  She is intuitive and very much in tune with her medicine and patient's body.  She will follow carefully your body's signals and adapt to its needs and changes constantly.  She is always present to what is going on with your body in that session and within the bigger picture.   She knows her art deeply and most of all she delivers it to you as you need, not simply as doing things she knows.  This is a big difference for any professional.   There are those who do things and there are then those who completely embody their art and skills.  The latter is Dr. Shi.  I had acupuncture with other doctors in past, and where they were just doing this or that.  Dr. Shi pays truly attention to what and how your body physically and energetically responds.  She has helped me a great deal in just two months, helping heal old traumas and pains that I have had for very very long time and I have never quite able to find improvement for.  She is also very good at answering your questions and helping you understand how things work and can be healed with TCM.  You can truly feel that she has your well-being at heart and she is giving you absolutely all her best including empowering you with understanding for further self-healing.  
Her little clinic is also pleasant and clean, a nice little place where to feel healing at many levels. 

* Norma S.
This is my first acupuncture or cupping treatment ever.  Rui Shi is very warm, friendly and knowledgeable.  She listened to all my concerns, and performed a medical evaluation.  During treatment she explained every step and made me feel 100% comfortable.  

* Vanessa A.
I came here in July to treat the pain on my hands from typing. After 3 acupuncture sessions and a cupping treatment I saw a dramatic improvement. Dr. Shi wasn't stingy with her needles, she applied as many as necessary, even treating me for my stress and irregular sleep patterns. I stopped going for a month and switched clinics because my insurance would cover it. That was my biggest mistake. Going back to Dr. Shi was the best decision ever. I'm sleeping better and notice that the stiffness on my hands is much less. You have to try it! This lady is amazing!

 * Tammy P

I am very excited to have discovered Dr. Shi.  Her office is really nice and spacious inside, with plenty of natural lighting and a peaceful ambiance. Dr. Shi impressed me by giving me a thorough consultation. She sat me down in her office and she checked my pulse, ears, etc. to determine my vitals. We talked about my history and health issues, and I felt like she really listened. The amount of care and patience she had shows she definitely takes pride in her work and has the intention to heal her patients.

Dr. Shi definitely knows what she is doing, and she answered all my questions thoughtfully. During the acupuncture session- she used about 30 needles on me. She is very generous with her work. She remembered my problem areas and applied the needles to every area that I had any concern about. I left her office feeling immediate relief and very grateful to find someone so experienced! I can't wait to come back. 

* Ken L.
I just returned from my medical examination.  I have to thank you and thank you!  My blood pressure was 97/59 (never ever that low).  My heart rate was very regular at 72.  My weight was down 8 lbs.  My thyroid results were at NORMAL.  My doctor is taking me off three medications.  She wants me to lose 20 more pounds!  She says my skin tone is greatly improved and there is no congestion in my lungs.  Thank you and see you Tuesday.  

* Hu H. 
Claire is great! She's friendly, very personable, quite gracious and is gentle. She handles all of her patients with care & I'm glad I found her.

  •  C. E.
    I have been going to Reishi since May of this year and she is absolutely fantastic! Prior to attending her clinic I had seen two other acupunturists and they were horrible. I was certainly very lucky when I came across Reishi and am so happy she has been able to help me. She is always very attentive to my needs and concerns, while explaining in detail her treatment options. I have found great relief from her and HIGHLY recommend her to other patients seeking relief from Acupuncture. 

Her clinic is very accessible with plenty of parking and great hours of operation. In addition her clinic is always spotless and she is very sterile when providing her treatment options. In addition, depending on your treatment plan, she has a range of different options. Reishi is also a herbalist so your treatment plan may also include the option of herbs.

  • Tani L.
    My neck and forearms had been hurting for 9 months. It was a sharp, aching, and burning sensation pain. I took tylenol everyday to alleviate some pain. It didn't stop the pain and it was still hurting. I found Reishi Acupunture Clinic closed to my work place and thought I drop by and consult with the acupuncturist regarding my symptoms. She said she was able to help. I had two months treatment and took natural herbs and my pain subsided. I recommend Reishi Acupunture Clinic. This place is great! And Claire the acupuncturist is very understanding and knowledgeable.
  • Sandra F.
    After many unsuccesful therapies and treatments for my crippling anxiety disorder I came to this facility as a last attempt to treat my problem.  I had my doubts but Claire sat down and listen.  She is real positive.  She understood and knew exactly how to treat my problem.  I am real thankful that Claire came into my life. These treatments work after only few sessions.  My anxiety has diminished.  Thank You!!!!!!!
  • Roland H.
    This was my first time experience and I was used to the western tradition of painkillers, medication, and rest.  These procedures allowed my body to use it own energy and circulation to heal my aches and pains.  These procedures really work !!! I can honestly say that  I have seen improvement and have better range of motion after only a few sessions. Dr. Shi will set you down and answer all of your questions.  She is passionate and and has a vast knowledge of the entire body.  She will explain all treatments or therapies.  THANK YOU YOU'RE AMAZING!